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​Moving Company
​​Local and Long Distance Relocation Specialist

Whether you are looking to move your entire house or just a few pieces, Gentlemen Movers is a Company that takes pride in being professional and providing the most affordable service. Moving, packing,  storing is what we do, and our first priority is to satisfy  our customers. We are a full-service moving company: that means, once you hire us to move your belongings, you can rest at peace that everything will be handled safely, completely, and to your satisfaction.

Art and Antique Movers

Moving some Antique furniture? 

There's no better choice than our moving company, we've been mastering our practices for years, moving art and antique starts with professional packing, we provide protective materials that are necessary when it comes to work with irreplaceable piece of art, our packers-movers will move it with precision and care. Use only professional moving company for the best results. 

We provide tools:

​​Packing Services at affordable cost

​​Hire our professional packers prior your move, we will help you organize your belonging and prepare it for the move. We provide high quality packaging materials: wardrobe boxes, kitchen paper, shrink wrap, tape, moving boxes and much more. Our professional packers crew will make sure your belongings packed well and travel safe. 

Movers in Los Angeles

Professional piano movers

We also specialize in moving and transporting pianos. We take pride in knowing that moving your piano is no trivial task. Professional crew will pack and transfer you piano, mention that you have one when you book your move, so our movers will bring all necessary equipment for your piano to be moved.

Long Distance Moving and Storage Service Provider

Are you moving to a different part of California or another state? Gentlemen Movers will assist your move to anywhere in California, Nevada, Arizona or any other state. We’ll organize your move and ensure the safety of all your belongings. We provide you with professional moving crew, express delivery and room to room service. We will complete long distance trip and will help you as local movers would at your destination, you won't have to worry about hiring moving company for labor services on the other end, we will do it all for you. As we've been moving through the states for more than 6 years many of those routes became regulars, Los Angeles to Las Vegas or Los Angeles to Phoenix can be done within 2 days. Our out of state carrier license number is DOT 2399435. Move with confidence!  

Loading & Unloading ( Pods, Rental trucks, or even you own truck)

​​Expecting a pod to arrive? Or if you are coming on rental truck from other city and need some extra hands to unload heavy stuff for you, let our movers do the hard work!

Hiring a professional moving crew from Gentlemen's Movers to load or unload your belongings will provide a  stress-free move and free your hands for more important stuff you need to take care of when move in. There is no more worrying about your items making it to your destination in good condition. We will l unload each of you furniture and boxes in the room it belongs to.

Disassembling & Reassembling

Tools? You name it - we have it! Don’t worry about disassembling your furniture and reassembling it when it arrives at your new destination. Our professional moving crew will disassemble, and then reassemble your belongings once they deliver them to your new place. It doesn't cost you any extra its already included in our services!