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G. Y.

Los Angeles, CA

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Gentlemen’s Moving Co.

This was a 2 part move…1/3 of our stuff going into storage in Sherman Oaks and 2/3 going all the way up to Bend, Oregon. The move out of my house in Sherman Oaks involved 4 guys, including Kirill who did my estimate and was my point person. These guys worked tirelessly and meticulously with such care it actually surprised me. In Oregon it was Kirill and Joe and they were a bit super human as we had to take some of my very large and very heavy pieces through a window to get them in. Not one missing item…nothing broken. It is a rare thing to see this kind of work ethic, communication and follow through. I hope to never move again but I will never use anyone but Gentlemen’s if I do. Kirill is this companies secret weapon. He is above and beyond great.

Ethan O.

Los Angeles, CA

These guys are great! They were very quick, careful and took initiative. They came prepared with the right equipment and finished faster than expected. I am an event producer so we have to be extremely careful moving the furniture and items in the venues we do events at and these guys did so much better than other companies we have used in the past. We will use these guys again and again for our projects!

La vie E.

Los Angeles, CA

We had this company help us with unpacking for our commercial office. They were very nice, professional, helpful, fast and amazing to work with. Will definitely reach out to them again in the future!

Candice S.

Altadena, CA

There’s something wrong with Yelp, I can’t find the Star selection for Gazzilliony-billion stars… until then, I guess I’ll just use the 5 stars! :p

This company is amazing! We’ve used them twice and consistently great! They NEVER stop moving and they stop their watch for breaks. They don’t "milk the clock", not even for a second! I have no idea how they do it, maybe they’re robots, cause it shouldn’t be humanly possible:)

They’re punctual and never miss a beat. If you ask them to move something and then go "oops… maybe over there…" they don’t give you "the look" (you know the one), they smile and happily move it. If they grumble at all, it’s on the inside and I’ve never seen it!

I simply cannot say enough good things. They also take their own trash from wrapping supplies, that they provide FREE to begin with! How much did they charge me for wrapping and supplies???? I’ll say it again, ZERO! I would have spent TONS buying it from someone else.

Completely stress free, just amazing. If you’re looking for help moving, look no further I promise you!!!!!

Halsey R.

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve moved 4 times in the past 4 years, and have had different movers every time. The movers tended to always be the same. They would work relatively hard, but not care very much about your stuff. A quick blanket over and some tape and they gamble that it will make it over safely. And even if something doesn’t, the cost is minimal at the few-cents-per-pound-payout you agree to in the contract.

Gentmen movers were excellent. I have a ton of stuff, so I got a 4 man team led by Eugene. These guys took alot of care with everything I own. From my fragile wine fridge to my glass dining table. Nothing was damaged. What’s more, the team did everything they could to get what I have where I wanted it.

My bed has a huge king size headboard. Moving to a townhouse with 4 floors and very tight staircases, it seemed like there was no way the headboard could fit through the U of the stairs. They refused to give up, and dismantled a fixed washer and dryer in the way just to make enough room to fit it through.

These guys working their butts off for ten hours, never slacked, and had the best attitudes I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend Eugene and his team.

Kerri N.

Seal Beach, CA

Where do I begin? This is an amazing moving company!!!! Moving is a stressful time for sure! But immediately when Alex, Patel, Yura and Vitaly (aka «The Dream Team») arrived, I knew we were in good hands. There is a reason why this business has 5 Yelp stars.






That sums them up right there!

We had a lot of heavy cherry furniture that they transported with great care and arrived in pristine condition in our new home, where they placed it where it needed to be. They wrapped up big mirrors and paintings and packed up our clothes too!

I could literally go on and on!!! They were truly awesome and slashed the moving experience stress to pieces!!!

If you are planning a move don’t look any further than Gentlemen’s Moving Company!

You’ll be so happy you chose «The Dream Team» , I know we are!!!

Michael V.

Boston, MA

I had an amazing experience using this company. My boyfriend and I moved to LA from the East Coast and hired Gentlemen’s Moving Company to unload a storage unit and move it into our building. From receiving a quote to finalizing the move everything was seamless. Tara was friendly and very thorough in covering fees and rates as well as booking and confirming the move. The movers who helped us move were very friendly, efficient and skilled. They were able to unload the storage unit, move our furniture in and assemble our bed all in 3 hours. If I ever have to move again I will definitely be using this company!

Alex S.

San Francisco, CA

Gents helped us unload our truck and unpack our house after we drove down from San Francisco. We were delayed in SF and Gents was extremely accommodating in moving our time. Once we got there, the team was friendly, effective, and efficient. Made moving bearable!

Christian C.

Santa Monica, CA

Can’t say enough good things about this company. After stressing about who was going to move us from LA to Oregon, my wife found these guys. One of the best decisions we made during our move process.

Professional, hard working, courteous, and careful are words I would use to describe how they go about moving a house. On top of that, they were considerably less expensive than the large national carriers.

Jill K.

Portland, OR

Awesome! Hire these guys. I’ve moved twice with actual movers. Once after i got married with near nothing and then this week after 23 yrs married and a small but full house of stuff. Plus we have — odd size furniture and lots of woodworking tools that weren’t easy to deal with.

These guys were amazing. Shrink wrapped everything. No breakage so far and i’ve unpacked the kitchen completely. They showed up on time and were great. I was a bit scared as our move came up fast and this was one of the few places that did out of state moving that i could find. I heard horror stories from friends about moving, yet no issue at all with Gentlemen’s. They did what they said, protected everything, were on time, on point, overall great. Thank you Mark, EleeAh (likely i’m misspelling), Andrew, and Pavel.

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