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Do you charge for travel time from company’s terminal to job site?

No we do not charge, charging time start when movers arrive to pick up address. We stop the clock when the truck is empty and movers finished furniture arranging in the new place.

Does hourly rate include packaging materials?

Yes, hourly rate does include basic packaging materials: unlimited shrink wrap, tape, moving blankets, wardrobe boxes. If your move requires more than basic packaging, ask our representative about any additional cost.

Why there are minimum hours applied to my move?

Our movers start their preparations way before the show up at your place, and even if your move is small it still takes movers at least 3 hours to prepare and deliver high quality moving service. As a courtesy we do not charge for the way from our warehouse to your place.

What is your billing process?

Any relocation within the State of California that does not exceed 100 miles is considered a local move and all the charges are regulated by California Public Utilities

As a local customer you are charged a specified hourly rate, determined by the number of movers requested. You are billed simply from the moment we arrived at your current location, to the completion of the move-in process at your final destination location. There are never any charges to get to or from our warehouse to your location. There are no additional charges for stairs or long carriers.

Double Drive time applies if your moving distance is over than 10 miles from your current place to the destination. DDT is a California state law, required by the California Public Utilities Commission. DDT is required as a way to eliminate additional fuel or trip charges that could otherwise be (illegitimately) applied to your move. Double Drive Time is simply the amount of time it takes our movers to drive between your current location and your destination location. Please Ask us if Double Drive applies to your move.

Any Relocation that does exceed 100 miles range is considered as a Long Distance move, flat rate applies.

How many movers I need?

  1. 2 movers are usually enough for 1 bedroom apartment
  2. 3 movers are recommended for 2–3 bedrooms apt or house
  3. 4 movers required if piano is involved or over 3 bedrooms

What packing and packaging materials do you use?

We use only high quality wrapping materials such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap, moving pads, tape, kitchen paper, wardrobe boxes dollies, straps and much more.


Is in-home estimate is free?

Yes, as long as your location is within our radius of service. Keep in mind that our estimators have schedule and free estimate must be scheduled in advance.

How long does estimate take?

Usually estimates take about 15-30 minutes. However it does take 1-2 business days to receive an official quote.


How soon do I have to schedule my moving day?

We recommend to schedule moving appointment at least two weeks in advance. One week in advance usually works for weekdays, not weekends. You may also try to schedule last minute appointment, sometimes we have openings.

Local moving

If my house is large and I need packing service along with moving services how it’s usually done?

We always suggest to pack belongings a day or two before the actual move is happening. It is an efficient way to prepare and organize furniture and belonging.

My house is in the hills and the streets are narrow, do you provide small trucks?

Gentlemen’s moving provides various size trucks, let us know about your situation, we will prepare moving van and crew that fits best.

Do i need to empty dressers before they get moved?

Yes, we suggest to remove all clothes and pack it into medium size moving boxes.

Do you provide temporary storage in case my house won’t be ready to move in?

Yes, we do provide temporary and long term storage solution.

If my stuff does not fit into one truck, what are the chances of getting second truck on the same day?

We always strive to help our clients, in case something does not fit we will find closes crew and moving truck. Or movers can always come back to pick up the rest of belongings. We never leave mission unaccomplished.

Moving out of state

Can you deliver my stuff ASAP?

Yes, we can, Gentlemen’s moving has dedicated trucks and team of drivers for the most efficient cross country delivery. Ask us how fast we deliver, you won’t be disappointed!

I need a couple of weeks of storage, before I can get to my new residence outside of California, are there any storage options?

Yes, we provide short and long term storage options.

Is my price guaranteed?

After we gather all the information and confirm the inventory list - we will issue a Flat Rate price for your cross country moving. As long as you don’t add stuff after we issued the price, your flat rate is guaranteed. If it turns out that you have more stuff than initially agreed, we will friendly revise the quote.

Commercial moving

Our office is located in the building that does not allow movers during business hours.

We have performed thousands of office relocations, always offering flexible schedule options. Our moving crew can work after hours, night shifts and on the weekend.

Our building is requesting all vendors to provide a Certificate of insurance, do you provide?

Yes, we do. Please forward us building’s requirements, we will review and issue COI.

I need to move entire warehouse, can you help?

Yes, we have different size trucks and equipment along with experienced movers, we can accommodate any size project.

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