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Packing and packaging materials.

Any relocation within the State of California that does not exceed 100 miles is considered a local move and all the charges are regulated by California Public Utilities

As a local customer you are charged a specified hourly rate, determined by the number of movers requested. You are billed simply from the moment we arrived at your current location, to the completion of the move-in process at your final destination location. There are never any charges to get to or from our warehouse to your location. There are no additional charges for stairs or long carriers.
Double Drive time applies if your moving distance is over than 10 miles from your current place to the destination. DDT is a California state law, required by the California Public Utilities Commission. DDT is required as a way to eliminate additional fuel or trip charges that could otherwise be (illegitimately) applied to your move. Double Drive Time is simply the amount of time it takes our movers to drive between your current location and your destination location. Please Ask us if Double Drive applies to your move.

Any Relocation that does exceed 100 miles range is considered as a Long Distance move, flat rate applies. 

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*No Double drive time applies if your move is less than 10 miles from point A to point B
* Some of packaging materials provided per your request make sure to name it when you book your move

*Minimum hours apply*

*Rates may vary depending on your moving date*

We use only high quality wrapping materials such as shrink wrap,
bubble wrap, moving pads, tape, kitchen paper, wardrobe boxes
dollies, straps and much more.

Billing process.

3 Movers + Moving Truck

Starting at $119 p/h


  1. 16' 24' or 26' Truck
  2. Three professional movers
  3. Furniture Pads
  4. Unlimited Shrink Wrap
  5. Unlimited Tape
  6. Tools
  7. ​Kitchen paper*
  8. 5-10 ​Wardrobe Boxes*
  9. No hidden fees

2 Movers + Moving Truck
Starting at $89 p/h


  1. 14 or 16 feet Truck
  2. Two professional movers
  3. Furniture Pads
  4. Unlimited Shrink Wrap​
  5. Unlimited Tape
  6. ​Tools
  7. 5-10 Wardrobe Boxes*
  8. No hidden fees

Moving Tips to print out.

How many movers you need?

  1. 2 movers are usually enough for 1 bedroom apartment*

  2. ​3 movers are recommended for 2-3 bedrooms apt or house*​

  3. ​4 movers required if piano is involved* or over 3 bedrooms

5 Reasons To go with Gentlemen Movers:

4 Movers + Moving Truck

Starting at $149 p/h


  1.  16' 24' or 26' Truck
  2. ​Four professional movers
  3. Furniture Pads
  4. Unlimited Shrink Wrap​
  5. Unlimited Tape
  6. Tools
  7. ​Kitchen paper*
  8. 10-15 Wardrobe Boxes*
  9. No hidden fees 
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