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Gentlemen's Moving Company is authorized out of state carrier, we fallow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to make your move right and safe. DOT#2399435, MC-825232.

The screenshot bellow reflects the report page directly from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web site. http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov

Out of state moving authorities 

Gentlemen's Moving Company is properly insured household goods carrier with all necessary coverages: Cargo, General Liability, Property damage, Workers Compensation and automotive coverage.

In case of damage of possessions during the loading/driving/unloading we provide two types of coverages:

Option #1

Free coverage of 60 cents per pound: for example, if 100 pounds refrigerator is damaged during the move you will get $60 in reimbursement. This coverage is free and included in any moving service we provide.

Option #2

Full coverage of your belonging - not free. To get this type of insurance you need to fallow the link www.emoveinsurance.com choose Gentleman's Moving Company or Oleg's Moving in list of movers then inventory your Items, get a quote, and checkout, you can also call them at 800-682-1732

*Full Coverage Insurance has to be settled 3 days prior the moving date.

Insurance and coverages

Household goods carrier license.

As your professional movers Gentlemen's Moving Company is properly licensed and insured by California Public Utilities Commission

fallow this link to find more information

License# MTR0191251