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Moving from California to San Antonio: Let's compare GMC vs Cheap Moving

Cheap Moving company

  • Using outside sub-contractors
  • Don't deliver on agreed dates
  • Hard to reach after pick up day
  • Limited customer service
  • Poor furniture packing and care
  • High claim ratio
  • Claims never resolved in clients favor
  • Poviding misleading quotes
  • Collect charges before unloading

Gentlemen's Moving Company

  • Family owned and operated
  • Fast on time delivery
  • Our own fleet and drivers
  • Constant updates
  • Unmached level of service
  • 99% damage free rate
  • Any claim is treated promtly
  • Clear and transparant pricing
  • Straight delivery available
  • Storage in transit option
  • Room to room unloading
  • Pofessional and Friendly movers

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About cross country moving from California to San Antonio

Cross country moving

Storage in transit option. We will keep your belongings safe while your new home is getting ready for you

26/45/53 foot commercial grade trucks. Will fit all of your belongings

Delivering to 48 States by our own fleet. (No middle man or subcontractors involved)

Flexible pick up and delivery schedule. Easy booking process

Long Distance Moving and Storage Service Provider

  • Are you moving to a different part of California or another state? Gentlemen Movers will assist your move to anywhere in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Washington or any other state. We’ll organize your move and ensure the safety of all your belongings.
  • We provide you with professional moving crew, express delivery and room to room service.

Customers who trust us

People are raving about us online

There’s something wrong with Yelp, I can’t find the Star selection for Gazzilliony-billion stars… until then, I guess I’ll just use the 5 stars! :p

This company is amazing! We’ve used them twice and consistently great! They NEVER stop moving and they stop their watch for breaks. They don’t "milk the clock", not even for a second! I have no idea how they do it, maybe they’re robots, cause it shouldn’t be humanly possible:)

They’re punctual and never miss a beat. If you ask them to move something and then go "oops… maybe over there…" they don’t give you "the look" (you know the one), they smile and happily move it. If they grumble at all, it’s on the inside and I’ve never seen it!

Candice S.

Altadena, CA

These guys are great! They were very quick, careful and took initiative. They came prepared with the right equipment and finished faster than expected. I am an event producer so we have to be extremely careful moving the furniture and items in the venues we do events at and these guys did so much better than other companies we have used in the past. We will use these guys again and again for our projects!

Ethan O.

Los Angeles, CA

Awesome! Hire these guys. I’ve moved twice with actual movers. Once after i got married with near nothing and then this week after 23 yrs married and a small but full house of stuff. Plus we have — odd size furniture and lots of woodworking tools that weren’t easy to deal with.

Jill K.

Portland, OR

Where do I begin? This is an amazing moving company!!!! Moving is a stressful time for sure! But immediately when Alex, Patel, Yura and Vitaly (aka «The Dream Team») arrived, I knew we were in good hands. There is a reason why this business has 5 Yelp stars.






That sums them up right there!

Kerri N.

Seal Beach, CA

This was my second time hiring GMC. They are on time, quick, strategic, professional and friendly. They worked non stop without slowing down for 6 hours and were still the friendliest guys ever! They took the time to wrap all my furniture with care and were very careful during the move.

Did I mention these guys are super cool and friendly? I hate moving but I would only hire these guys. They make a stressful day easier! Thanks!


Burbank, CA

Being that we are finally breaking free of the left coast for literally greener pastures. This requires us to move 2800 sq feet of household goods. Even though we are going through a nontraditional cargo route, we still needed quality loaders. We contacted Jenny who coordinated everything we needed. She provided outstanding customer service and followed up over the weekend to make sure all was still on target.

Maria Q.

Santa Clarita, CA

These Four wonderful!!!! "AMAZING" guys brought 2 huge trucks, all packing supplies, & pads.
They Meticulously Wrapped & double wrapped all of my furniture!!! On a very hot Day in Ontario, they never took a real break!!! They were so careful with all my stuff & after packing up all day until about 6pm! They then drove to Beaumont (at least a 45min to an hour drive!) Then unpacked & unpackaged all of my things and set up my beds & furniture in my rooms & carried a heavy 100 pound dog & hoisted it over a 6 foot fence as well!!!! They are Amazing men. They worked until Midnight then drove all the way home to L.A. !!!!!!

Nancy S.

Ontario, CA